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Benefit from the advantages of metal, while saving time and effort. Hypersteel™ cold-formed buildings offer the fastest design and production within our building solutions portfolio, and are easier to install than heavier steel buildings of similar design.

Built fast.
Really fast.

Efficiency is at the core of Hypersteel buildings, and it all starts with the steel we use. Our cold-formed manufacturing process allows for fast lead times – we only need a few weeks to take your building from design to delivery.

By bending the metal rather than welding it together, this process results in a simple, lightweight structure that maximizes the strength of steel with impressive longevity.


More speed,
less complexity.

Designing, engineering, ordering and installing your Hypersteel building is equally efficient. Our design and ordering software streamlines the up-front work, allowing you to manage projects with full transparency and support from A to Z.

Our design software provides clear installation details and accommodates a variety of foundation options for jobsite flexibility.

Don’t settle for any metal.

 When it comes to fast, durable and cost-effective simple metal buildings, Hypersteel buildings are our ultimate solution. This infographic gives you a detailed look at how Hypersteel buildings measure up against other options.

Hypersteel Buildings vs. Others

From A to Z-Purlins:

Your cold-formed building questions answered.

Steel surpasses many other building materials with its exceptional strength, durability and versatility. Its robust nature allows it to withstand heavy loads and provide structural stability while remaining resistant to pests, fire, wind, rain and snow. The flexibility of steel enables designers and builders to easily adapt to specific project requirements. Furthermore, steel's recyclability at the end of its life cycle contributes to a more sustainable construction industry. In short, steel offers enduring strength, unmatched durability, design adaptability and tangible environmental benefits, making it an excellent choice for construction projects.

Yes. When designed and constructed properly, steel can resist high winds, heavy snow loads, earthquakes and even hurricanes. The inherent strength and structural integrity of steel make it a reliable choice for buildings in areas prone to severe weather events. Additionally, steel buildings can be engineered to incorporate specific design features and reinforcement to enhance their resilience to extreme weather.

Cold-formed steel buildings are just as strong as other steel buildings when designed and constructed properly. With proper engineering and adherence to building codes and standards, cold-formed steel buildings can meet the required strength and structural performance criteria for a wide range of applications. In our case, Hypersteel buildings are specially engineered to be highly durable and easy to design, order and install.

With proper maintenance, steel buildings can last for decades. The life span ultimately depends on various factors, including the quality of materials, construction techniques, climate conditions and maintenance. Using high-quality steel and protective coatings as well as conducting regular inspections and maintenance can help ensure the longevity and durability of a steel building.

Erecting a Hypersteel cold-formed building typically requires power tools like drills and impact drivers, hand tools like wrenches and hammers, cutting tools for metal components, ladders or scaffolding for access and safety equipment such as hard hats and gloves. Depending on size, you may also require lift and hoisting equipment.

Steel buildings can become energy efficient by incorporating insulation, cool roof coatings, efficient HVAC systems and lighting as well as a well-designed building envelope. These and other measures can help reduce heat transfer, lower cooling and lighting loads and minimize energy consumption.

We have the footprint to ship our products anywhere across North America. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of building products, we have a widespread distribution network that allows us to serve customers in numerous regions.

vs. Rigid-Frame

Different projects require different spaces. So, where does one start in comparing Hypersteel buildings with other options on the market? You’re in luck. We’ve put together a quick side-by-side comparison between Hypersteel buildings and our sister product Simplisteel™ rigid-frame buildings.

For instance, if your project has a longer production timeline or requires a width greater than 70’, then a Simplisteel building may be right for you.

Discover Simplisteel buildings
Building Type Hypersteel
Cold-Formed Buildings
Rigid-Frame Buildings
Building Size Length - Any size
Width - Up to 70’
Height - 28’
Length - Up to 700’
Width - Up to 100’
Height - Up to 28’

(depending on codes,
loads and structural design)
Production Time Fastest option available Typically 6-8 weeks
Foundation Pier, slab, footing or “by others” Primarily piers or footing
Mezzanine Yes No
Roof Multiple geometries Multiple geometries

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About Cornerstone Building Brands

Hypersteel buildings are manufactured by Cornerstone Building Brands, the largest supplier of exterior building products in North America. With their hub-and-spoke distribution method and nationwide networks, you’ll benefit from decreased delivery times and lower transportation costs.